Hardware Trailblazer

Taking hardware to market is difficult, some might even say hard. Our Hardware Trailblazer award recognises ventures on the journey of taking successfully launching new hardware. We focus on excellence, passion, creativity. perseverance and impact - recognising progress at all stages of the product development cycle.

Great hardware starts with a sketch, puts the user at the center of the design, requires many iterations of prototyping and lots of perseverance. You just don't ship 1 million units overnight you know (and then just when you did, you also need the service, maintenance and repair networks in place). And fundraising? Show me an investor that understands the patience, scale and complexity of scaling hardware for social impact!

2018 Winner: Water Health International 

Judge: Amos Winter, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, Co-Founder Global Research and Innovation Technology (GRIT)

Women Leading in Technology and Impact

One day, this won’t be its own category anymore. For now, we believe it’s important to spotlight not just the engineers and specialists, but the women engineers and specialists, committed to technology for good. Their contributions to the social sector have paved the way for future innovation and progress. We applaud their creativity, hard work and determination. This awards is a celebration of their journey and our commitment to accelerate the achievement of gender equality.

2018 Winner: Mariana Costa Checa, Laboratoria

Judge: Linda Raftree, Independent Consultant; Co-Founder - Tech Salon NYC

2017 Winners:

Elaine Weidman,Ericsson

Mitchell Baker,Mozilla Foundation

Linda Raftree,Tech Salon NYC and MERL Tech

Connecting the Unconnected

Around 47% of the world population today has access to Internet leaving almost 4 billion people unconnected. There are many organizations trying to come up with innovative and cutting edge solutions to bridge that gap. From offgrid solutions like balloons from Google to offline solutions like Rachel from World possible, both private and public sector are innovating to bridge the infrastructure gap present in some parts of the world. There are also organizations that have worked for many years to built up the infrastructure in emergency settings like Inveneo during the Ebola outbreak. This award celebrates organizations that are devoted to connecting the unconnected building up both infrastructure or alternatives solutions.

2018 Winner: Gram Marg 

Judge: Bob MarshInveneo

2017 Winner:

Inveneo, World Possible

Companies Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

Achieving the SDGs requires support of organizations that understand and value the potential of technology-based solutions. Investing in impact means committing to patient capital, evolving sector understanding and disciplined evaluation. This award celebrates the dedication and progressive agenda of companies that are committed to engineering a better future for all through industry contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

2018 Winner: ARUP 

Judge: Carola Schwank, Head of the Empowering.People Network, Siemens Stiftung

2017 Winner:

Siemens Stiftung

Rising Star

The Rising Star Award recognizes the achievements and potential of emerging leaders leveraging technology to achieve social impact. Nominated by our community of technology incubators and accelerators, these organizations are recognized for their potential future impact in this sector. It’s also the only IE award that you choose! Here’s a chance for you to show your love and support for the emerging leaders from


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2018 Winner: Bitaetech Technologies 

Judge: People's Choice